Happy birthday man! Will see you this weekend at the KFC.

Thanks, KHB. I am looking forward to the bash. Anyone near the Palace in Michigan, who wants to attend a yearly party at my house, and promises not to do a burnout anywhere, can come. Post if you want directions and include your email address.


Ok, what is this name all about?(No ticket). Gotta hear this one.

It is spelled out, right there in black and white. If you cannot see me, and you cannot hear me, chances are you can't write me a ticket or protest my riding. I protect my rights to ride by not visually or audibly annoying anyone. I don't ride where I shouldn't, and I don't make any noise with a loud-a$$ pipe. I have been riding for 23 years, and plan on riding until I die. I keep it quiet, I stay off of other's property, and I love passing people with loud pipes. They cannot even hear me coming, so it scares the heck out of them when I show 'em my tire. I get a lot of looks, from those guys that just have to have every hop-up part available, you know the look, the one that says "Look at that guy, stock DRZ, he's probably slow as a statue!" Then once we're in the woods, things change. Speed is something you are rewarded with through time practicing on your bike. It is not something you can buy and bolt on your machine. A loud pipe, which may cost you only $500, adding what, 3 HP, costs you your rights to ride bit by bit each time you echoe your thumper through the woods. Imagine what us motorcyclists could do if everyone donated $500 to the AMA, only once, instead of buying a pipe. That's what the name is all about.

Right on! Or should we say, Ride On! :)

sounds good to me. Maybe better would be:


That might be more appropriate overall, which is ultimately what I am after. No sense in us all having less area to ride when we can just be a little quieter and have more support and more recreational land use.

By the way, you never told us what the red plates was all about.

You are so right.

Some people just dont get it and that hurts us all!


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