bike on crate question

How exactly do you put a 330lb bike on a wooden bike stand and how do ya get it off once it's on it? The stand (not made yet) would be a plastic milk carton surrounded by and beefed up with a bunch of 2x4's. Is there some simple trick to doing it?

And I'm fully aware of foot lever activated, scissor jack stand etc so please don't comment if your just going to say "buy one of these......they work great"

Just thought i'd kill some time and make one with the crap laying around my house but ain't sure putting the bike on it is an option without getting a myriad of body injuries in the attempt.

Could you please take video of this when you do your first attempt! :banghead:

Could you please take video of this when you do your first attempt! :busted:

I'm guessing that means don't even bother. However, if I make this box and try to perch the bike on it, i'll try to post a vid for ya. :banghead:

I tilt my bike over on the side stand then reach over and slide it under most of the way,then using hip\leg center it on the stand.

I use a milk crate but it's reinforced with 2x4's inside and with one on top.

I think it used to be over on trailrider, Ed Hertfelder had a sequence of pics showing him levering his xrl up on a crate. I can't find it, but the main points were a 2x4 block under the kickstand and levered up to get extra height to set on top of a milk crate with a 2x4 addition. I think he also used a broomstick to reach across to slide the crate under while he had the bike leaned over.

I sometimes lever mine up on the kickstand and shove a cooler under it to lube the chain. :banghead:

I have a milk crate in my shop. It is not tall enough by itself. I have to put a short piece of 2X4 on top of it. After that, I just line the milk crate up with where I want the bike to sit on it.. Then standing on the right side of the bike, I reach over the bike and towards the back of the seat and down I grab the sub frame. I then bend my knees, and using my right hand on the handlebars squeezing the front brake, I pick the bike up leaning it toward me. I then guide it up on the milk crate and quickly drop it. Once you do it enough, it becomes one fluid motion. Understand that you are keeping the front tire on the ground and kind of balancing the weight of the bike on that front wheel while you lift the rear of the bike up.

I don't plan on ever purchasing any type of floor jack, or hydraulic lift. In my opinion it's just not necessary. Maybe one day I will actually bolt the piece of 2X4 to the top of the crate so it does not slide around. Have had that happen too many times. If you don't hoist the bike high enough the first time, when you go to slide it over on top of the milk crate you kick the 2X4 off the top! I don't have a kick-stand on my bike at all so using it for leverage is not an option.

If you are not strong enough to lift the bike up on your own-I don't recommend trying this as you might injure yourself.

Do not do this right next to your parked car in the garage or you will be :D Much worse your wife :banghead::busted::D

i like the putting a 2x4 under the kickstand and leaning it over to pull the box under it.

I built a stand with extra materials laying around the house. You can view it in my garage. To get the pig up on the stand, I line the bike up to the right of the stand, then from the right side, I apply the front brake, then reach down and grab the rear rim, give it a "one, two and three" then yank the rear up and slide the bike onto the stand. Works for me...:banghead:

I hang my L by the front tire on a hook next to my 10 speed.

I hang my L by the front tire on a hook next to my 10 speed.

i tried that, but the wall fell over!

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