I've got the seat foam fix!

I ripped off my old seat cover a few days ago and was planning on just trowing a new one on. Well my seat foam was destroyed because of the staples that run through the seat base.

I didnt have time to order a new one because I am riding this weekend so I had a buddy tell me to fill in the holes of the foam with black rv silicone. I did and with a new seat cover on it looks good as new.

This may not be a new trick to some of you, but I have never heard of it before and I thought I might pass it along for others. :)


MOmilkman- while you were there, you should've poked some holes in the foam to soften it up a little!!! :)

Actually Tim I kind of like the firmness of the Guts foam. Perfect density.

It might have been a little hard when i first bought it, but I have tenderized it pretty well with my backside. :)

also, Im not like those fast boys that stand all the time. I like to get relaxed, sit back in the saddle, and enjoy my ride :D

I'm with you, I like to enjoy the ride and spend a fair amount of time on the seat. If you have the guts foam, then it's already softer than stock anyway! I drilled a bunch of holes in my stock foam to soften it up and make it feel less like a 2x4. Worked pretty good!

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