New air filters

I was thinking of getting a better filter for my TTR125l. I want one that will improve power by a little bit. I was thinking a uni or moose air filter. Can anyone tell me if they are worth getting.

Get the BBR setup If not i would go with a NoToil filter.

I have a uni, haven't used it yet though, got it yesterday. It looks more open than stock. As far as power modify the air box, that will open it up and let it breath.


I have the BBR air filter in my TTRL, and along with airbox mod and pipe/rejet it makes a noticeable difference, especially on top. My wife just has the airbox mod on hers, with the T-4 pipe, and by comparison it falls off a bit at higher RPM. I don't have any experience with other brands, as far as the TTR goes.

By the way, in case you didn't catch my reply on that other thread, I had you confused with another TT'er. It was a case of mistaken identity, so I did not mean to come across as I did. I apologize for the error.


Well, I can't offord a BBR filter right now. Even though they are relatively inexpensive. I'm only 13 so money is a big factor. I just emptied my pockets on the suspension fix. I was just looking for something that would give me a little more power without the price.

Don't worry about it, Cyclenut. I understand that it was a mistake.

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