Oil to make my thumper happy!

What oil are some of you guys running?

I run Yamalube(Wait a minute...... Yama in a Honda...that just sounds messed up...)

And gear-saver on the other side. :)

We use Yama lube too its good stuff.

I would have to say CLEAN FRESH QUALITY OIL changed regularly would make your bike the happiest!

Ive been running Castrol GTX 10-40 both sides since new from Nov. 01


Mobil 1 15W 50 in both sides.

I have been using Castrol 20w50 "red cap" oil in the motor side and Bel-Ray Gear Saver 80w (yes, same as 2-smoke tranny oil) in the tranny since day one. Good stuff.

It's more important to use a brand name NON-energy conserving oil and change it OFTEN, that's more important than anything, and your motor wil live a long happy life. :)

Engine=Mobil 1 15w50

Tranny=Castrol 10w40


Do you look for no moly in the tranny oil? :) That is my concern about using normal oil is I am not sure if they have moly or not. Would be nice though as the honda oil is 7 bux a pop.


I have used Castrol 10w40 on my 97', 99', 00', 01 and 02' CR250 and my CRF and have never had any problem or clutch slippage. I have never even replaced a clutch! I also use it on my wifes xr100 and the xr50. I have never worried about moly or no moly.

I use honda HP4 synthetic in the motor and HP trans oil in the transmission.

FYI...Got info from Team Honda Canada while at the World Cup at Glen Helen a couple of weeks ago. They run Red Line 40WT Race on the Crank side, and a combo of 50% Light, and 50% Ultra-Light, Red Line Gear Oil, on the tranny of their CRF's. They had only positive comments on the wear characteristics, and mentioned numbers relative to "five times better", with virtually no plate wear. After my ride tomorrow, I am changing to the above recommendations, and will update with my comments...

For the 2-smoke folks, they run the same combo on the tranny, and Red Line two stroke oil with less ring and piston wear, with the same results on the CR's...

I know lots of top fuel guys use the stuff, so I am giving it a go...

I'm on the same page as LowCo. I'm running Castrol 10-40 GTX on both sides and currently have over sixty hours on the bike. I change the oil regularly and it always comes out quite clean.My personal opinion about oil is use what ever makes you feel good. If it makes you feel good to use an expensive synthetic by all means do so. If you want to use a cheap oil and change it often like I do,go for it. I'd be willing to bet that in the end it won't make any difference.

I have been using Castrol Actevo 10W40, it is designed to run in both the engine/transmission and is Synthetic based. I change my oil/filter every other ride and it always looks good. I have had the bike for about 6 months and race/ride motocross 1-2 times per week on average. The best part about it? the oil is only $4.95 a quart, if you are changing it regularly, I see no reason to run a full synthetic and spend the money, but to each their own.

"The best part about it? the oil is only $4.95 a quart"

Are you out of your mind?

How about Shell Full Synthetic 5w40 1 gallon for $12 at Walmart

AMSOIL 10W40 in both sides.

Honda HP Trans Oil for around $3 per quart. Been using the HP4 petroleum based in other side for about $3 as well. This time I put in Mobile 15-50 syn (red cap) that I got at Wal-Mart. I tend to agree with the consensus that any oil that meets the Honda spec in the manual will be fine as long as changed regularly.

I must say, that regular oil changes are the way to a "low wear" engine...but, for the simple fact that the synthetic's have a proven historical record of higher shear viscosity, and the reduced plate wear in transmissions (next to nothing), and the fact that even Team Honda of Canada said they experienced far more piston and ring wear using Honda HP2 (I used to use it in my 2-smoke), leads me to the opinion that, even though frequent changes may provide the best results against engine wear, while the oil is still in the engine, and under high-stress, I prefer to go with what the Pros use...just my thoughts...

I guess if I was pushing the limits of the bike to the extreme every second and I was able to get it for free, I would run synthetic too. Since I am not running on the rev limiter in every gear and beating my equipment because I can just get a new one for free the next day, I run whatever is recommended, made for the bike and most important, what I can afford. As far as 5w40 Shell is concerned, you need to read up on what happens to your clutch when you use motor oil, then get back to me. The bottom line is, the pros use what they get for free, period. Do you really think they care about wear on the engine or trans? they have 6 replacments waiting in the trailer. They are pushing the products of their sponsors, why? because that is their job. Do you think they are gonna bad mouth a product they get for free? No way. I still think the most important thing is clean, good quality oil that is designed for what you are using it for. :) just my 2 cents.....

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