Taller Bars or Risers or What?

I just got an '07 YZ450, love the bike so far, except that I don't really fit on it. I'm 6'4, 240lb. I like to ride standing up, except the bars are too low. What type of bars should I get? Or should I get risers or what. I've been looking at an Enduro type bar that has 95mm of rise, is that enough? Should I look at Freestyle bars that have more of a rise. I know that the new Pro Taper Triple clamp would probably help, but I'm not looking to spend that much dough right now after X-mas. Any advise appreciated.

The Windham MX (RM Mid) is about 94mm, the KX high is around 105, and the Pastrana FMX bend is 121 (but narrower). Risers work, and you can even use a sub mounted steering damper as an excuse to use them, but they do put more of a load on the bar mount bolts and the top clamp where those bolts pass through.

I am 6' 2 and I have been using the Pastrana FMX bars and really like how tall they are. I just added a Scott's damper with the BRP submount kit which gives another 25mm of rise so now my bars are really high. It took a little getting used to in the sitting position but I finally feel comfortable when standing, which is what I usually do anyways. I love this set up for offroading (all the standing) but if I were motocrossing I would throw the stock bars back on with the submount.

Does anyone know what the rise is on the stock bars?

Stand on your bike, just like you would be if you were riding. Place your hands where they would be comfortable. Have someone measure the distance between your hands and bars. Thats the amount of riser you need.

I have RM mid pro tapers with 25mm raisers and that made heaps of difference to my 450....A mate of mine has a 06 YZF 450 with KX high and 25mm raisers he says the made it heaps better for him he is 6'1'

Does anyone know what the rise is on the stock bars?
For years, the "YZ bend" was about 82 mm. The '06 bar was about 77 mm, and the '07 was back at 82 or so again.

Before you spend money and swap bars, check out the bar riser kit thru Rocky Mountain ATV. They are only $19 and come with different risers that you can stack as well as 3 sets of different length bolts. Quality product for the price and much cheaper than a new set of Protapers.

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