Sprocket change?

I changed the front sprocket on my 07 WR450 to a 12 when I got it and it gave me great gearing for my size and type of riding. Iam going to be getting new sprockets and chain soon, and my question is would it be better to go with the stock 13 tooth and a lager rear to get the same gearing. The 12T sprocket is not as beefy as the stock 13T so maybe it would be better to go with a larger rear? Any advantages or dis advantages? A 55x13 would give me just a little lower gearing than the 50x12. Thanks in advance.

I found the 12T on my 07' to be a little to low even for the tight and technical so I went back to the 13T and am pretty happy with it, only rarely do I wish for a lower 2nd gear...

I would think that a 13 / 55 would be too low but it's a ll matter of preference I guess. I forgot what 12T brand I have but it's a quality sprocket.

I have found it a lot easier and quickerto change out the C/S sprocket vs. the rear sprocket because of all the nuts and bolts and the knuckle busters that come along with it:excuseme:

A 55x13 would give me just a little lower gearing than the 50x12. Thanks in advance.

A 55 rear is one big-assed piece of metal waiting to get munched in rocky terrain, IMO. Besides, I'm not altogether sure just how much of a bend the chain will have to take where it comes out the chain guide on the lower part of the swingarm. It would probably wear out the trailing edge of the rubber piece inside the guide in no time. I would stick with the 50X12.

Thats something I never even thought of SXP. Back to the drawing board! Thanks

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