clutch problem

I have an '02 CRF. Two weeks ago, as I was leaving the pits, I noticed the clutch lurching. I never noticed any change in performance on the track. I am not a clutch abuser. I have never had any trouble with clutches before.

This week I tore the clutch down. The plates looked ok. The basket fingers were a little notched on the drive side. And, to my surprise, the inner hub had tons of cracks in it. The cracks were in the back of it. If you hold the hub up and look at the splined side, the cracks are in the bottom. None are visible in the disk area. When you flip it over they are all over in the back. Most of the cracks are in the radial direction. Like the thing is about to fly apart.

I have ordered a new stock one from Honda. (Much cheaper than Hinson.) Has anyone else had any trouble with this on their bikes of any manufacturer? Even the Honda places I talked to said that it's maybe a once a year item for them. No one stocks it.

I'm not totally convinced that the hub is the source of the lurching. I will buff out the grooves in the basket and flush out the gearbox well. Then I will put Honda oil back in it. I had just switched from Honda oil to AmsOil.


Did you find any small black rubber particles inside the clutch case or housing area? I have heard of clutch basket dampeners going south and causing the tranny to shift with no cushion. Without some dampening, the shear force of each shift can shatter metal parts quick. This has translated into ruined trannies, clutch assemblies, even kick starter gear damage.

Be sure to replace the basket with the 03 CRF basket![/] The 02 baskets had a problem with the rubber dampers in the back of the hub disintegrating and damingn the hub like you describe. This was remedied in 03, hence the different part numbers. SOmeone here even said Honda worked with Hinson on the new design. My 03 basket is at the shop now waiting for pick up as I have rubber pieces coming out in the oil changes!

I haven't noticed any rubber pieces. However, I have not looked for them. Tomorrow I will take a close look. The basket is already out, so it won't be a problem to inspect.

Yeah, that brings up another topic. Why the heck couldn't Honda make the clutch cover just a tad larger so the basket could come through? have to take off the entire right side engine case. Which means draining the coolant, removing the kick starter, removing the impeller, removing the brake lever, and buying a new gasket. What a pain in the neck.

Anyone ever installed a Hinson basket? How do you go about getting the drive gear off the back of the basket? I'm sure I could figure it out, but it never hurts to ask.

I put a Factory Concepts basket in. You have to drill and punch the rivets out.

The Hinson clutch basket has phillips screws in the back of the plate by the primary gear where the stock Honda basket has rivets. The only way to get the dampers out of the stock basket is to drill the rivets out. Get an 03 basket or a Hinson.

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