2001 426 electric and coolant issues

I have a 2001 426 that I have had since new with no problems until now. I was spitting coolant out the weephole of the water pump so I replaced the impeller, rod, seals and bearing and the problem is fixed. But now I seem to be blowing much more coolant than normal out the overflow tube and I have to add quite a bit of coolant after each ride. I am running a new 1.6 radiator cap and engine ice coolant. I know these blow out some coolant but it seems to be doing much more than normal. I have a Dr D full exhaust and am running a 45 pilot and a 165 main jet.

Also, It feels like I am being given a small electric shock from the left side handle bar and the clutch lever. Not all the time but more when the bike is under a heavier load.

Any help would be appreciated!

The electric shock is most likely coming from the kill switch. May be time for a new one, it works by grounding the ignition to the handle bar to kill the bike. As for the coolant, you may want to try your old rad cap and see if that makes any difference. It could be as simple as the new cap is defective or just different enough to let coolant escape at lower temps. Hope this helps.


Sounds like one of mine at one point. Turned out to be head gasket. Pressure from cylinder blowing into coolent system.

Thanks guys. Any easy way to tell if it is the head gasket before I start tearing it down?

Leak down test. You basically pressurize the cylinder and then see where the air comes out. Hope this helps.


How full do you fill the radiator before riding? The reason I ask is, some folks fill them up to the filler neck which is actually too much coolant. The coolant level should just be covering the radiator core. If you put too much in, it will blow it back out.

im having the same problem with my radiator, ive tried filling it less but it still blows out, oddly enough my problem started just after i replaced the seals, shaft and impeller too.

i still ride occasionally tho so ill wait till february to tear it down an see what the problem is, i just always carry some spare coolant with me, and try to keep it above the fins.

I usually fill it above the about halfway between then top of the fins and the radiator neck. I know if I overfill it will blow some out. But mine is blowing enough out that you can't even see it anymore and after a decent ride it will take a 1/3-1/2 a bottle of engine ice.

I have never had to have the top end apart before and always had someone else adjust the valves. The think has always just ran! I am now doing all my own work, or at least as much as I am comfortable doing. I am obviously going to be looking at the piston, cylinder, rings, head, valves, timing chain, etc while I have it apart. In terms of wear and replacement what should I just automatically replace and what should I look for in terms of wear on other items?

Okay, I have tore down my top end and I definitely had a blown gasket and as a result need to rplace the piston and have some cylinder work done. I I am also have the valves and cams checked to see if they need to be replaced as they are the originals and am having the head cleaned up, checked for warping and having the valvle seats cut and seals replaced.

I noticed the piston pin had some wear. I was told to check the crank to make sure there is no damage. What should I be looking for? I don't want to have to replace the crank but now is the time to do it if it needs it.

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