suspension help

I have a 02 wr426, 3 months new all dealer settings on suspension. My rear tire washes out all the time, the whoops kill me and my bike pretty much handles like total crap. I am 6'1" and 220 lbs ride in the dez and mountains no tracks. Any help with how to adjust correctly would be much appreciated.

02 wr426f throttle stop cut, exhaust uncorked, grey wire unplugged, air box lid gone and all the add ons.


At 220 you need stiffer springs. No two ways about it. These things are set up for 160 ? 180 pound riders from the factory. I am 190 and needed them. I will bet your preload is way out also.

I can highly recommend FineLine for suspension work.

GO to and they a have page that gives set up tips on how to correctly dial in compression and rebound settings.

I recently up graded to Race tech suspension, but feel that by dialing in what you have you can still find some settings that will be ok and allow you to have some fun.

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