Honda QA50

Anybody remember the Honda QA50? My mom still has her 1970 model (in green). The first dirtbike I ever got my hands on. This baby still runs on a regular basis but is looking a bit ratty. I know that's to be expected after thirty years of teaching dozens of kids how to ride, however, does anybody know where replacement plastic might be found? Do people fix these old ugly things up?

Get on E-bay and search for Honda 50. You'll come up with lots of info and yes people fix them up. Don't give it away if you sell it. They are worth money even if they are trashed. The CT70's seem to be worth the most, especially if you have one that is a 4-speed.

Otherwise, check Beatrice Cycle. They have a lot of parts. I bought some replacement stuff for my 1971 Trail 90 and it looked perfect. Beatrice Cycle Link Click Here


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