O/T - Going Camping this weekend

I'm heading up to the mountains tomorrow morning with my two sons for our first camping trip. They are 6 and 3 and a half. We're going to a place called Cloudland Canyon up in NW GA. The trees won't be quite at their prime, but it should be pretty colorful. Here's a pic:


Some of my fondest memories of being a boy are camping with my Dad and trout fishing up in the mtns of North GA. My boys are really, really excited. We put the tent up in the yard last night and went grocery shopping. We spent over a hundred bucks on nothing but a lot of snack food, hot dogs, charcoal, etc.

I haven't been to CC, but I've heard it is just beautiful. It's a giant gorge that some call the Grand Canyon of GA. Supposed to be some great hiking.

I can't wait!! I'll snap some pics while there and post them.

Mike :)

Man is that gorgeous! Take some photos, I am trapped here in concrete jungle for the weekend. At least it's my birthday and I am having a party.

that sounds like fun, hopefully the rain we are getting in tenn will miss you guys. have fun

Sounds like a great trip. I remember setting up tents in the backyard...mighta slept out there once or twice.

jamdrz - rain? Damn, We haven't seen a drop of rain in over six months :)

yeah it seems like lately about thur or fri. it rains all day, but the weekends have been nice. it cuts down on dust anyway. :)

Hey Hollywood,

I am stoked with you for your camping trip. Nothing makes me feel closer to my children then when we go camping/fishing together. I have been taking my boys for years. Just took my daughter (4) camping for 1st time and she loved it. She always wants to go again. She was the only one of us to catch a fish. Place looks beautiful - have a great time!



Sould like a great trip. You and your boys will love it. Just remember to relax and let things happen, it's not about how many fish you catch, or hiking every last trail, it's about spending quality time with the people you love.


Sounds like good ole Dad is excited too and for good reason.

It will be a time never forgotten by you or the kids. Have a safe trip and take some pics for us so we can be envious.

I can't go to the mountains right now. Hunting season, I don't look anything like a deer or elk but strange stuff happens sometimes in those mountains when the hunt is on. I'm not anti-gun or hunting I just don't do it myself. Now they make it legal to shoot cows you know the ones ya get milk from I'll start hunting. Have fun ya lucky duck you!

George :):D :D

Sounds like fun. I'm taking the wife, son, and KLRs to Big Bend this weekend for some camping and dual sporting. Peaceful (cell phones don't work there) and the scenery is spectacular.

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