I just got my 450

I just got my 450 and was wondering what everyone is using for gas. I used to run strait C12 in my 2-stroke. Do you guys recomend running strait race or a mix of pump and race? What race do you recomend?

I run 91 octane pump gas. If i go to the sand dunes or if it is really hot out I make sure I mix 91 and 108 at 50/50 mix.

VP has a new race gas called Ultimate 4, which was made just for thumpers. It's suppose to be good for up to 6% more power than pump gas, and it's $7.50 a gallon.

Just 76 Unical, 91 octane pump gas. I use to do all that High test, mix, up the octane stuff. I found that it's just not necessary and I really can't tell the difference in the 450.

Chevron 92 octane unleaded fuel. No problems, no noticeable difference from higher octane fuels.


I would recommend running higher octane gas. I just recently started running 100oct 76 pump gas in my 2000 426 and it seemed my throttle response was a little better and the bike ran very consistent. At $3.88 a gallon I can't go wrong. Plus it burns much cleaner and it smells awesome. I guess it also makes your motor run cooler. If you can find it for a good price, I would go for it...

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