Who is waiting for Thunder Ally pipes????????

Just wondering who else has been waiting for their Thunder Alley pipe. I ordered mine 13 Sept and was suppose to get it the 26th. It's still not here. I did have mine ceramic coated and here lies the problem according to Bob. Embee currently has 12 systems they have been sitting on for 2 weeks. I called Bob Monday and he said Embee told him he would have them by today. So hopefully you and I will see our pipes late this week or first of next week. :D :D

Somebody with a Thunder Alley tell me this is well worth the wait. That I will be totally impressed with the performance.


I ordered mine on the same day as you and I just got mine last thursday, but I didn't have it coated. Just riding it down the street it feels like it has a softer bottom and revs a little slower than the powerbomb/powercore setup it replaced. I'm going riding after work today and I will probably mess with the jetting, I'm currently running a 168 main and the rest stock. Oh, yeah its a '02 YZ426. We'll see.

It is worth the wait. You will be totally impressed by the performance.

You're welcome :)

The coating is also very nice. Embee turned mine around in about ten days, so they must be pretty backed up right now.

What jetting is everyone else running with this pipe? No, I havent done the BK mod, my '02 doesn't have any off idle bog or stumble so i haven't seen the need for it yet. So, maybe someone running the TA without the BK mod could help me out?!?!?! I'm thinking my jetting must not be in line with everyone elses.

I'm waiting for a pipe and having it coated. Bob told me he is about 15 days backlogged and having it coated is somewhat unpredictable, could be 3-days to a couple weeks. I just placed my order so we'll see.....

Well, my TA is on a Honda, but here are my words...

Be careful about automatically bumping the main jet size up right off the bat. I did and after some dyno testing and rejetting, I discovered the 170 (stock for me) made the BEST power. In cooler weather of course I will have to go richer, but for 85f - 95f temps the stock jetting is spot on. Crisp and clean.

On the CRF450 the bottom end is simply...amazing. Dyno shows a small drop in the mid and then goes on to ever so slightly out perform the stocker on the top. O track though, I feel no loss in the mid, and this shows why the dyno is not the "end all" of exhaust system design. I can only tell you this, the TA is flat out much faster than the stocker in the bottom and into the midrange...I can skip from 2nd to 4th gear and the torque simply powers it's way along, pulling hard with hookup! Less shifting is the ticket! Enjoy it, I am positive you will love it as we have...

Hick Id ride it without messing with the jetting first. Ive been rethinking my jetting since I got mine and went up on the pilot and the main. It does pull harder on the top with the bigger main, but the I think Im just a little too rich on the bottom. Ive got a 45 pilot, and the needle is in the #3 postion(stock 00' needle). But this was summer, Im betting when the temps come off 100, down to the 60-70 range, I'll be spot on.

Your going to be blown away by the T/A pipe.

I ordered my pipe on the 30th of September and it is being built today (10-10), but because of the holiday it probably won't be here until Tuesday. Waiting sucks.


Jetting with TA:

Vs. stock I'm on the verge of needing a larger pilot, but not quite. A richer idle mix setting was needed but I'm still around 2 turns out.

I did ride the TA back to back with my Pro Circuit T4, and on bottom it seemed better, and mid to top it was definitely better. Jetting did not change at all from the PC to the TA.

Hope this helps.

As an aside, this whole "what jetting with this pipe?" thing is largely, I think, a vestigial (there's a word for ya!) two stroke knee-jerk type of thing. Being that your average aftermarket pipe is less restrictive than the stocker you may need to richen the pilot circuit, but going from one aftermarket to another isn't, IMO, going to require, or benefit from, any jetting change. Just my opinion...

What is the difference between the '00 needle and the '02 needle?

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