need help on cam chain job

how do i do it?

i did the valve job before a few months, so u can start help me from there. how do i take it out? how difficult it is? please if u can help me with step by step procidure...

When you say valve job I’ll assume changing out shims???

Anyway to replace the cam chain you will need a flywheel puller. I know that US YZs will accept the “screw-in” type of puller that works on many dirt bikes. US WRs, however, require a different type that thread two bolts into the flywheel. The YZ flywheel will have reverse threads inside the cavity where the main nut is located.

So you have the head cover off, chain tensioner out, cam caps off and flywheel off. Behind the flywheel you will see the drive gear on the crank, and also the two black plastic chain guides. The rear guide is secured via a metal bracket and two bolts. This bracket also holds the chain on the drive gear and needs to be removed. With those two bolts out you can take the chain off the cams and drop it out the bottom.

To install the new chain lower it down from above, drape it over the end of the crankshaft onto the gear. You should probably install it on the cams first, then put the rear guide bracket back on in to make sure you don’t have extra links in a bind below the crankshaft gear. Then reinstall the flywheel and time the cams and you are done.

Hope this helps.

Are you sure it needs replacement? Unless your bike has a LOT of hours or you have used low quality oil, often got a lot of dirt in the motor or didn't change the oil often then I would think it's odd to need to replace the chain. If you do then don't forget to replace all sprockets at the same time.

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