So. Cal. Ventura Co. MC....Dualsport ride Oct 27th

Is anyone planning on going on this ride? It looks like all my buddies have other plans for that weekend and I'd really like to do this ride. I'm an intermediate rider who rides the hard sections most of the time but I also don't mind riding the easy sections either. I'm not a dork with a piece of crap bike that you'll spend all day taking care of. I just want to ride. So, if anyone wouldn't mind a tagalong rider or if anyone was going by themselves and would like someone to hook up with, please let me know.



'99 XR400

Renthal Bars (Charmicheal bend)

Scotts Damper

ESP Suspension

Summers Fork Brace

Baja Designs Dualsport kit

ICO Racing Odo/Speedo

Uni Filter/ snorkle removed

96/97 end cap w/Vortip



This DS ride has been on my calendar, but unfortunately it just got blown out by an unexpected work commitment.

I'd describe myself the same as you in terms of interest/ability and would be interested in hooking up for future DS rides. Many of my friends are into MX, which has zero interest to me since I place equal emphasis on fun and safety.

I've also posted about a SoCal ride this weekend so pls PM is you are interested in that.



Saw your post about the Gorman ride this weekend and I'd love to go. However, my wife and I just had a baby girl a week 1/2 ago and I think it might be a little soon to be taking off for the day. The Dualsport ride isn't for a few more weeks so I should be good for that. Too bad you can't make it. Like you said, we should try and hook up in the future and do some riding.


Hi Keith, Kieth here.......I'm doing that ride and Rik is going to be riding with me also. As of now there is 4 for sure in our group. You can tag along with us, we always kind of string out depending on the terrain, some guys do better in desert, others in single track, but we always finish together. I rode this ride last year and it is one of my favorites. I just heard due to forest closure we will probably doing the same ride as last year. It had some challenging sections, but nothing crazy....well, there was that one hill, lol. I'll be camping at Hungry Valley offroad park starting that friday. See you there. Kieth

Keith, Congrats on the new baby. Pls keep me in mind for future DS or trail rides. A few guys and I go to Rowher or Gorman for early weekend rides once or twice a month. I'll post something here ahead of our next ride.



I'm going to do the ride. How challenging will it be? I'm pretty experienced, but a little out of shape. I've got a WR250F that I'm just getting familiar with (300 mi). My brother is good, and he'll be riding my old XR250. We can handle a few hard sections, but we don't want to be pushing our bikes up hills all day.

I've ridden the Cal Poly Penguins DS without taking the bypass routes, and it was fine with me, if you know what that's like.

Also, what about gas? Is there simply a station along the line, or do we need to bring disposable containers?



Toby, if you rode that double black diamond stuff this year at the Penguins, you have nothing to worry about. This ride is about the same as that ride in difficulty, but no double black diamonds. I actually liked the black diamond technical stuff. Gas will be near or at lunch stop. I have a 98 (white) XR400 with the number 44 on the plates (my station) See you up there!

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