Cherokee Hare Scrambles - Greensboro Ga - 10/13/02

OK Guy's it's time to Rumble....Stumpy....Mount up dude...Lane Wilson and I will be there on Saturday afternoon to camp out.....Let's get a fire going sat night and have a war story marathon.....

I just got off the phone with the folks that are out there cutting the course...The course is pretty dry, but they are getting a little drizzle, more than likely rain tonight and in the am (Which will make it great by Sunday) Theres a new Creek Crossing....Men can jump it :D on the left...Wimps can SWIM :) through on the right....The entire course is ATV Width this year! Serious SPEED...4 Laps 7.8 miles (So Far)...and the infamous Chicken House drag way....

I'll get a track condition update on Saturday and will post it here.....

Look's to be AWESOME so far! :D

See You there!

Bonzai :D

I'll be there with balls on... did that sound right? :) I'll be getting there on Sunday morning, though. I'll look for you after I get registered. If you're grazing around, look for a blue dakota quad cab and WR400 #419... no trailer yet. I'll have it after the WERA GNF at Road Atlanta in a couple of weeks. :D

I will definately be looking for you....

Everybody else.....I need a recommendation from the crowd.

I have been really blistering the woods on my YZ this summer and I was contemplating swaping the rear wheel from my WR to the YZ for this race (S12 for my YZ isn't going to make it in time for the race)The D773 on the YZ is toasted (Badly Rounded)and the S12 on my WR is brand new...Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn't put the 18 inch wheel on the YZ and go for it?

Lets hear it.....


Bonzai :)


I'm all packed up and ready to go racing....Will be there tomorrow about noon. Going to walk the track tomorrow afternoon and take digital pics of anything that looks challenging, also bringing my laptop....Stop by before the race and take a look.


Time to roost....

Bonzai :)

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