WR Ride

Today, I change bikes with my mate, he has a 07 WR450, and I have a 08 YZ450, I was very surprised, the bike felt so heavy, and the suspension was so soft, the only 2 things I liked, were the e-start and that you could cruse the bike in 3 gear all the time (we were doing some fast trails) witout touching the clutch, but I did´t like the bike at all.

I even felt the WR is wider, but they look the same:excuseme:

What surprised me it´s how different the 2 bikes are. Defenetly I´m faster with my bike, and coming off a 99 YZ400, I felt that I could be faster with the old fat than with the newer WR.

I´m in love with my YZ

Any ways my mate loved my bike suspension and the weigth, but he realy likes enduro, so I think he will be happier on the WR

Sorry my spell, I learned eanglish 10 years ago and haven´t used it since

Tell your friend to stiffen up his suspension on the WR and that will help make it ride closer to the way your YZ does. He would have to revalve it to get it exactly like yours but some different springs, front and rear, and adjusting the level of the fork oil will propbably make him happier with it. Setting up the suspension properly will also help make the added weight of the WR maybe a little less noticeable. You gotta remember that those bikes are built for different purposes.

I sat on a new wr450 the other day at the shop and could tell/fell the weight difference too without even riding it.

A friend of mine has a new WR. I sat on it and leaned it over and you could feel how top heavy it was. I truely believe that its heavier than my old 426.

I have those exact same two model bikes, 07 WR450F and 08 YZ450F. They are two VERY different beasts. The difference is clear, YZ for the MX track, and WR for trails/woods/off road. The ideal situation would be to have both bikes and use them according to the type of riding to be done, but not everyone can afford to have two bikes. I'm lucky enough to be able to own both. One thing that someone can do if money is an issue, buy a 2004-2006 used WR for the trails/woods, and a 2000-2005 used YZ 2 stroke for the MX track, that's my version of the best of both worlds on a budget. I know I wouldn't trade my WR in the woods for anything else, and my YZ for the track. Does your friend have his WR uncorked? If not, you should try an uncorked WR. Also, as someone mentioned before, stiffen up the suspension on the WR, it comes soft from the factory.

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