Lets clear this up

I have posted many pics in here before and it just hasnt worked for me since the new format change. I went to the directions on the questions page and the directions are still the same. I have seen YAMAKAZI do it. Is there something new or did Thumpertalk just stop liking my computer? :)

It still works....are you using this format minus the * that I have inserted?

[img*] Paste the Url here between the brackets [/img*]

Remember the photo must be hosted on the internet somewhere...I use Club Photo....

PS... I just saw one of your attempts to post on another thread.....Your leading and trailing commands are wrong....don't spell out the word image and you will be fine...

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

Thanks guys....needed that! :)

Yep. That was it! Thumpertalk no longer accepts yahoo photos. I just switched over to club photo and it works like a charm. Thanks


Post deleted by Bill

You have to open the pic fully, right click on it and get the "properties" address from the enlarged photo. Then paste it in the forum. Nice bike by the way!!


Billy Boy.....tisk tisk tisk....read my post above carefully.....DO NOT INSERT the(*)in the leading or trailing IMG command...I put it there so that the TT system would not think that my example was a real photo.....


<Who's the guy with the funny haircut in the middle?>

Try it Again.....

Bonzai :)

Hey, I'd recognize that mug anywhere!

Looks like John had a fight with his Flo-Bee... :)


You'll be sorry you straightened me out on this one. I'll be picking up a digital camera soon and plastering pics all over :)


Thanks Bill!

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