Waggoner's Revalve?

Have an 02 400 SX, ride MX. Weigh in at about 190 or so with gear and I know do need to get heavier springs. Was wondering if anyone with the same bike has used this Mod and has it helped?

I think your a bit too heavy for your springs. I would be thinking maybe .44 fork springs. As for shock spring...since I don't know what comes stock (I slapped my PDS-4 in mine immediately) I'd say one or possibly two sizes up (pds-7??). I'm a load so I'm used to going up up up in springs.

As for the revalve kit, it wont help as much if your bike is not sprung properly. Make sure it is sprung properly by measuring static and race sag...this is critical. If you don't know how, do a quick search. I have my kit in hand and will probably attempt install this weekend.

Good Luck

m818m,Your 02 400sx comes with .44's stock in front and a pds7 in the rear.One thing that I've found with the 48mm forks is in stock trim they tend to sag or hang down in the stroke.The bad thing is that it gives a feeling that their to stiff when in fact their to soft.Does that make since??I just put the Chuck W. kit in mine for the 02 ,03 48's and think by far it's the best bang for the buck you can do to your front end..I'm lighter than you are by about 20lbs so I would go with .46's,pre-load adjuster at three turns in (2 is stock),and give Chuck's kit a try..You'll get three different shim stack configurations in the kit..I used stack #2 for what I do..Good luck!! :)

Has anybody installed this kit on an SX model that primarily rides on tracks? The kit seems to be commonly installed on EXC's and ridden in tighter conditions which call for plusher suspension settings. I'd really like to get this kit but just am not sure if it's going to offer the bottoming resistance I need for jumps at my local MX track. Any suggestions?

The kit comes with three recomended shim stacks. 90% of people settle for the softest stack, but the other two should handle what you need.

On my EXC I have found no difference in resistance to bottoming.


Bought his kit and love it. Thought I would need much stiffer valving, so I contacted him and told him what settings I was using. He sent me several extra valve stack charts in case the first 2 were not enough to prevent bottoming my 190 lbs. Went with stack #1 for my EXC with max oil height for bottoming resistance, stock springs, clickers at 14 C+R, and have not changed it after riding it hard through everthing I could throw at it. ZERO deflection, smooth as silk, no bottoming. Worth every penny in my opinion. Rode my buddies stock bike with a Scotts dampner, hated it and gave it back to him after 10 minutes.

I'm sure he has some settings for your SX also. motodude

I just installed the Wagoneer kit in my SX400, as stated, make sure you start with proper springs for your weight, (It makes a huge difference) I opted for stack #2,(stack #1 being the softest), which made the initial part of the stroke more plush, and did not lose any bottoming resistance, (just what I wanted)

I race my SX in H/S's and woods, with some occasional moto.

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