How to Lighten Up a DR650?

I am assuming you want the bike lighter for the trails and woods. If you are not real conserned about your top speed I would suggest gearing down. Something like 14 or 15/47 or 48. This will give the illusion of the bike being lighter due to more low end grunt. :banghead:

Something like 14 or 15/47 or 48. This will give the illusion of the bike being lighter due to more low end grunt. :busted:

Good one Rick :banghead:

The stock seat is skinny-er and makes it a tad easyer to 'get around' too....

I lightened my bike by 40 pounds and it works much better offroad now. I used the Nutrisystem method.

I was wanting to lighten up my DR the best/safest way I can. I have currently changed out my tank to an IMS and have a Two Bros Racing Slip On. Other than that, my bike is stock. I'm thinking of sending my suspension to RaceTech.

Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm 6'3" and weigh 260lb. Thanks a lot people.

- Hard distance running or swimming (30minutes/every other day), with sprints thrown in. Hit weights too. Work your way down to below 15% bodyfat, if you aren't already.

- Get a lighter exhaust.

- Get a lighter fueltank.

- Go with a Renazco instead of a Corbin.

- Get lighter lighting. The Buell or Acerbis shave some headlight weight. Tiny signals shave some bulk. A DR250/350 tail shaves some too. Look aftermarket for even lighter tails.

- Minimize the rear fender.

- Cut off the helmet lock.

- Remove the upper chain roller and seal the bolt-hole with silicon.

- Drop a tooth on the front sprocket.

- Set up the suspension for your weight.

- Pull anything else you don't need (for legal/safe operation) off the bike. I'd keep my passenger pegs, but I haul a pillion occasionally. You might not.

For all the DR brothers with the FMF Q2, There is a lighter choice, The Q Ti.

Unfortunatly, it is not made for the DR650 however, It fits perfectly onto the

Q2 mid pipe and saves another 1.5lbs.

Got one off Ebay for $200 for a DRZ and it slipped right on.

The best place to drop weight is about 60 pounds above the seat.

Note that I'm in the same boat. 6'2". 325->280lbs and falling. That will make more improvement, on and off the bike, than any bike mods.


How about taking the stupid reflectors off... and the back PEGs ?

Other than that things kinda got to stay to be a D.Sport


I like those tires what are those ?

try bmw or something, makes the dr ultralight on the spot

I purchased a set from the superstore about a month ago. The dates on the tires are over a year old.

I heard they are discontinued. I hope mine last awhile, I like them.

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