2008 Xr650l

:D Im getting my new XR650L,:D:banghead: this will be my 10th XR, But what makes me sad is the bike tests,on Motorcycle USA they did a shootout with the XR650L,,A Kawi KLR650,,and a BMW650 dualsport once again,the XR comes in last place in Overall H.P. and torque, Why?? why does it have to be this way?? Why should we have to go and buy so much after market stuff to get our XRs up to par with what these bikes come with stock?? No oil cooler?? 2.8 gallon fuel tank,no power to speak of,man this blows.this is not all,the XR400 is last in its class in H.P.and torque,as usual,and the 250,a dam 85cc 2 stroke has it beat,what gives??? Im A die hard XR customer,but come on we need equality.:busted::D

Granted it is in serious need of updating, however when compared to the likes of the KLR and a BMW - to me that is really apples and oranges. The Beemer and the KLR are really street bikes, 90% on road - 10% off road. There is no way in my humble opinion that the 2 (KLR and BMW) should even be compared ot trhe XR5650L, albeit dated in design the XR650L is one of, if not the last affordable street / dirt machines. Sure there are others, Husky, KTM etc - that are even closer to the off road side and technologically updated. But in bulletproof reliability and for a few bucks in upgrades, the uncorking etc, you can't beat an XR650L. It remains the truly universal - do all bike. Being a XR fan is still okay and you know you will love it!

Thanks Motosptsman, Im gonna still get it,nothing will stop me,I guess I just needed a little Pep talk from another XR Brother,Man did that help,I wouldnt buy a Husky or KTM, even if money was not a issue.I know XRs so I"ll stick to what I know. Man,Thanks,, You dont know how good you just picked me up!!

The XR may be last in power, but the BMW and the KLR both need the extra power for the extra 100lbs they weigh. Imagine tacking on another 100lbs to your XR and taking it on a tight woods trail. Hehe, talk about a pig. Go ahead, do the math and figure out which has the best power to weight ratio. The XR is still the best dirt bike you can drive on the freeway with.

:D Yeah, after doing some more reading, it said the extra weight negates the few extra HP, but the beemer has a full 8 H.P. more than both bikes, off road,with the XR fully un-corked,I still feel it would burn the others.,street wise, would be different if not embarrasing, Im afraid. Since Im on the road more,Im gonna gear it high as possible.:banghead::busted::D

Comparing the XR to the BMW on the road is like comparing the BMW to a GSXR750. Totally different class.

I think the reason is that everything is a trade off. The XR line (the 650R notwithstanding) seems to have ruggedness, simplicity and durability as it's hallmark. For those who want more power, a high comp piston and cam would do the trick, but I'm sure to some degree longevity would have to suffer, plus the "go anywhere on any gas" feature would also be compromised. The XRs is a distinct line that fits a distinct niche and evidently does it well considering how long they've been in production.

The XR650L is truly manly -makes no excuses for what it is, and when uncorked and customized to the riders preferences they turn heads, anyone in the know - knows what it is and it's capabilities. It's like being on a Harley Dyna - stripped down cool, big V twin motor, and it turns heads, a Full dress Harley PIG albeit the same big V twin motor does not turn heads (unless that is what your into) the PIG version is slow and lethargic (power to weight ratio) and the riders know it as compared to the cool stripped down Big twin Dyna, same goes for an XRL rider vs a BMW or KLR.

we have the better bike and we know it, maybe a bit dated but it is no nonsense get er done dual sport more deeply rooted in the dirt than the others ever will be.

Your buying the right bike for all of the right reasons, unless you want something that just looks the part, as you sip on a starbucks latte' and read the business section of the paper while checking your e-mail on your black berry..... then a BMW or KLR maybe right up your alley.. ;-)

I love to mod my bikes an make them what I like.

Go for it you will still be happy with the XRL, it's a proven design.

I read a thread where a guy got 52 hp. out of the ole XRL an 74hp. I think on methanol. Do a search an you will find the thread.

I dont even know what a latte is,and aint blackberry jam? Dude,I dont even own a cell phone,Ive bought them for all my kids though,If you need to find XRRon,you can come over or use the land line,the money wasted for a way overpriced cell could buy plenty XR parts,If it wasnt for me being in the Army for 20 years,I may not even own a dam computer,but the kids need it to be competitive in school nowadays,The Army was my way to enable me to buy more XRs A mans gotta do something for a living.Ive made the deposit,I pick it up the end of January,I gotta fly to Miami,as Im living in Panama now,but with all the fine ass women here,trust me,its worth it,I wouldnt settle for a DR650,so I gotta ship my new XR in,but no problem,Ive already done my 99250,I"ll get it squared away. :busted: Thank all of you for the Pep talk:prof: :banghead:

And thank you for your military service.:banghead:

i agree, thanks for your service!!:banghead:

all really good replies. the XRL SELLS, this is why its unchanged since 93.

when they are modded a little, rejet or new slide pumper, exhaust, cam and hi comp piston these bikes make more power than most can handle! excellent wheelie machines also. i LOVE my XRL. i would like to have an R also though!

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