Shrouds for IMS tank

OK, I suck at the search feature. My wife just got me an IMS 3.1 tank for my 06 WR450. Here is the question. Do I need to get the YZ shrouds or can I use my WR ones? If I do need YZ's what year do I get? Thanks for the help. Next is suspension and graphics.

Not positive but I think you only need the YZ shrouds for 07 and up WR's.

I have an '06 & fitted a Clarke tank. They told me I needed YZ shrouds but when I got the tank my WR ones fitted. I believe the '06 WR & YZ use the same shroud. Clarke also told me I needed a YZ seat also but that wasn't the case as the YZ doesn't have a battery so the YZ seat doesn't have a cavity in the base to accomodate the battery.

Hope this helps.

Cheers from Oz.

'06 -'07 YZ-250/450 shrouds.

Or, as some people have stated in other threads, the WR shrouds will fit just fine, you will just have to leave out the two bolts (one for each shround) on top of the tank/under the seat. That's the way I'm running my bike now with the IMS 3.1G tank with no issues.

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