Larger fuel tank for 07 wr450

Can anyone suggest a tank that they are happy with? I would like to increase to about 3 gallon. I have heard of some leaky tanks etc. Thanks in advance!:banghead:

I have most of one season on the IMS tank on my '07 WR-450. It requires YZ 250/450 radiator shrouds, though.

The fuel petcock has to be mounted "backwards", but otherwise everything fits well.

I have a ims tank also , but I got a petcock off of a 06 wr and now it fits right. in fact a petcock off of any year steel frame wr faces the right way

Thanks for the info guys. Does anyone have a tank other than I.M.S. ?

I also have the IMS tank. I did not get the YZ shrouds though. The stock ones will fit you just have to leave the two bolts out on the top of the tank.

I had a clarke on my old 426 and I would have replaced it with the same , but as far as I know they still don't have one for the 07 WR. I think IMS, Aqualine and Acerbis are the only one making bigger tanks for the WR's. WR Dave.

COrider61, That does look like a nice tank but perhaps a bit large for me. It seems I will have to go with the I.M.S. tank and buy new shrouds.

I have a Clarke 3.1 gallon on my 2007. You have to ask for the YZ tank. You do need ZY shrouds.

Have an IMS on my 05. Well made and carries the extra fuel low. If I don't fill it up the extra weight isn't felt but the extra fuel on those long rides is one less thing to be concerned about. While my buddies have to worry about fuel after 75 miles I just keep jammin.

I have a Clarke 3.1 gallon on my 2007. You have to ask for the YZ tank. You do need ZY shrouds.

Do you have pic(s) of that? I was under the impression the CLARKE tank for the YZ would not adapt to the WR... my IMS is a good product but it feels too wide to me, the clarke looks narrower and would be interested to see any that have been mounted to a WR.

I can get a picture up a little later today.

iv'e got a clarke 3.3 on my wr you have to use an older wr petcock but it works great.

safari 15 L 130 mile plus reserve great tank,

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