How many clicks? Yamakaze

Hello all. I have recently began getting out onto a local MX track and have been working up to clearing a long table jump. I was wondering what the best suspension set up is, for those of us with stock valves and springs. How many clicks on the compression and how many on the rebound end of things. All suggestions welcome. I plan on re-valving when the cush needs servicing. Thanks,


Hey M.A., You definitely need to give more info re:weight, oil level,spring sag, etc. for ANYONE to help you.I know just enough to understand I don't know anything.But...

If it is just clickers, count where they are at now, then play with them. The manual has decent instructions on this. Have an experienced rider watch you and/or ride your bike. You will find clickers only a small help, though.

What you really need is the new Chaindrive Ejection Seat/Parachute (YZ style of course) that I am inventing for guys like us! :D When in doubt, twist (the throttle) and shout!! Bonzai!!

Now go conquer that bitch! :)


Start with stock settings +1 on compression both ends. Keep dialing in more compression damping until you are using all but the last inch or so of suspension travel (at the axle) on the biggest hits. Move 1 click at a time and check the dust "line" left on the shaft by your wiper seal on shock and forks (be aware the shock travels about 1" for every two or three inches at the axle). Adjust rebound to suit. More rebound typically means less air and vice versa (to a point). Keep in mind the ideal settings for jumping are probably not best for whoops, turns, etc. So it's all a compromise to get the best all-around feel and control. Settings will be different for each track. This is what race team mechanics get paid decent wages to work out with their riders before the gate drops. They are really good at these things.


You can go to MX-Techs web site. They have a excellent technical write up on how to adjust your suspension.


See what Bill said. Even better.



M,A, how is the shoulder,? we are thinking about georgetown next week end, think you want to try that trail agian? let me know.


Hi Monty...the shoulder is coming along fine. Thanks for asking.Will have a permament "bump" however. Next week might be great. I finally got rid of those dunlap tires. I switched to IRC enduro tires (V34's) I love them. No more front wheel wash out. I'll drop a note if I am available to hit Georgetown next week.


If bottoming is your concern, the first thing to try changing is the oil level.


M,A I know what you meen about the dunlop front tire I had the 606 dot up front and that thing will get you hurt, I just changed to a mt44 Howard ues them and I road Mikes KTM up at stonyford and he had one and it worked good I like the way they bite in cornes I'll post on G-town latter.


Sorry Michael...I have been out of town for the last few days at the Big Buck GNCC in SC. Looks like you got some good info here to work with. I would be extremely careful jumping tabletops and doubles let's say over 30ft or so with the stock suspenders. Man I can remember the pain from bottoming out so much. I wound up going 5 out on the compression and 12 out on the rebound to somewhat stiff up the Forks and the shock for large jumps until I had my suspension professionally done.

Bonzai :)

Thanks for getting back to me Yamakazi. I appreciate it. Monty...I had the stock Dunlop D39's on my bike. They suck!!! My bike's new shoes are soo much better.

MichaelAngelo, to answer this question completely I have to ask you your weight? If you are under 190lbs go with the stock comp/rebound settings & adjust per your riding ability. If the bike bottoms to easily, go 1 to 2 clicks in or hard to stiffen up the forks/shock. If you are a beginner rider leave the rebound at the stock setting, until you master the effect. Also critical is the high speed comp on the shock. Tryit out on stock setting, then adjust per track condition.

I weigh approximately 175lbs fully geared. I'm not certain what the stock settings are as I have already messed around with mine. (GA426)

Ps-am vertically challanged as well. 5'8". I did cut my seat foam a bit and that helped.


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