Healing time for compression back fracture?

Hi everybody! Was just wondering if anybody else out there has had the pleasurable experience of breaking their backs. I compressed my T5 vertebrae on a trip to Grand Junction on labor day. It was actually less painful than when I spazzed out my back muscles while lifting my beast onto it's stand late one night! I'm about five weeks into healing, and it's feelin pretty good, gonna try to ride this weekend for the first time (carefully). Doc says 6-8 weeks then It will be about 100% better, but now that I have a crushed vert(that stays crushed forever), I foresee pain in the future. Well I've always had a bad lower back(thanks high school football), then my mid-back spazzed(gracias 250 lb YZ), now I f@!#ed up my upper back(kudos to the hidden gulch that swallowed me up), successfully completing the back pain hat trick. Man Am I gonna hurt when I'm seventy! Luckily I am one tough G. Good luck with those backs!!

I waited 8 weeks and then just did mellow trail rides for a month or so. After a year or so mine stopped bothering me very much. I only have one lingering problem, when I feel a sneeze coming on I have to pull my arms back and force my shoulder blades together or else I get a very severe sharp pain. It makes it kind of hard to cover my nose when I sneeze, but it's better than having that sharp pain.

I suffered a compression fracture almost ten years ago. I think I was off bikes for about 3 months. The Dr. was surprised that I was able to walk into his office. I was even in a small brace for about a month. It was pretty sore for probably year or so, especially after riding. Now I do not feel I have had any lasting effects. I try to stay in shape and stretch a lot which certainly helps. My back (and the rest of my body) is often sore after a long race (hare scrambles), but I remember that from before the injury. So take care of it and let your body heal and you should be okay.

Use you own judgement about how you feel. I had a three disk(L-1, L-2 and L-3) compression in 1989. I kept on going for a year while getting worse and the docs guessed at what to do . Leg went to paralysis and lost control of my bladder in Jan of 91. Found doc that could stabilize things with therapy then. Still out one leg and have to be real careful on the bladder control. Makes riding MX interesting ( I can and do easily start my 02 426 ) and life a bit of a challenge, but I am getting around and with my family. Take care of that back, but don't get trapped in the too safe to move or have fun mode. Live your own life! P.M. me if you need to talk about backs. Find a doc you can trust.


Bill :)

Just a little FYI... I am now recouperating from a broken left ankle and while I was in to see the doc, I told him that I was still having prob's with my back from a crash I had back in May..... to make a long story short...MRI a week ago still showed that T7 was still comp fractured!! I have had to give up riding for the past 7 weeks and I think the back is getting better.

All that being said... If you truly give your back a break(no pun intended) it will come around in approx 8-10 weeks

Just my opinion..... >>>> Ride on......... :)

I have fractured my L2/3/4 4 times, 2 helicopter crashes (I was not at the controls) and 2 bike mishaps. It took me an average of 16 weeks each time before I could begin motorcycle rehab. The last time they removed a disk bulge in my L4 and that took longer than any of the fractures ever did.

Take your time an heal properly...It's worth it when you do go back to riding again.

Bonzai :)


Did you have any residual from your injuries (any of the four)? What type of laminectomy did they do for the removal of the bulged disc? My biggest problems are with a bulge impinging on the column and nerves to my rt leg and my adductor muscles of my bladder. The docs won't cut because they fear my loosing the other leg and possibly worse (couldn't be too much, I saw people in 'chairs at Shands in Gainesville, made me feel lucky about my situation, at least I get around) B.T.W. I thought you Army avaitors were the kings of autorotation. We had two Navy TH-57 I.P.'s from Whiting Field badly injured in a tail rotor failure at Navarre Beach a couple of weeks ago. Impact broke their backs, internal injuries and assorted other problems. Crash drove the turbine and rotor head down into the lower fuselage. They kept the wreckage in the hangar bay of the maint. hangar we are rehabbing fot the new T-6A, JPATS. Sounds like you recovered well. Maybe we can get together and ride sometimes. P.M. me if you get around N.W. Florida or are nearby.( if you don't mind a former Marine)

Bill :)

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