Rimrock Grand Prix, bottom of a drained reservior.




it is this info that is causing you trouble ?x=600&y=400


[*img] does not work he has to find away to remove the "x and y" information.

Looks like you got it :):D

Can you confirm it was the "x,y" information that was the issue. Looking at the properties of your pic now it's gone :D

After 47 attempts, I finally got it....

(CASE SENSITIVE! When I placed the "IMG" in CAPS, it finally worked. RFK-BLK, I *also* removed the x & y information, but it finally worked when I placed the "img" in caps?!?! Don't know which move solved the issue)

Thanks KAZ!



CHANGE [iMAGE] & [/iMAGE] to [img*] & [/img*] Without the * and it will work....

Bonzai :)

Set up an account on villiagephotos.com it is what I use.

5meg per day free.

Wow, it looks like you're riding on the lunar surface! :)

Hey Brandon,

Do you have any more pics from the ride? I was out there for the morning race, 4-stroke amateur. If you have any more pics I would love to see them, and show my wife who couldn't make it.


Nice pic, Brandon, but since I don't see any mud, stumps, rocks or dust, it can't be Rimrock. :)

Always good to bring spare goggles and air filters to this ride... lots of fun in any condition. How was the turnout this year?


The turnout was good. The 4-stk amateur class was the biggest of the morning race. I think there were 27 or 28 in the class. And don't worry there was plenty of mud, dust and rocks. His picture is just in one of the nice spots! :) Oh yeah, and stumps.

Yeah, I got some more photos, but they turned out pretty crappy. Here are a couple from the start. The pictures are of the starts of both races.

Here is the first crappy picture:


and here is the second crappy picture....



Here is the first corner, second race, second wave.


Sorry I can't make that thing work

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