Trail Tech Vapor Computer

hey, i just got A trailtech Vapor computer, and it will be hooked up to a

05' YZ450. the manual is good, but i was going to ask you if you hooked one up how did you do it or did it?? anything helps

Thanks Again,

God Bless

not positive if the color codes are exact, since mine is an 07, but if they are, for the power hookup, the red wire from the vapor power lead connects to the green wire from the stator, and the black wire to the vapor power connects to the black wire with the yellow stripe from the stator. What I did was pull the terminals out of the connector and soldered the red and black wires right to the terminals, then installed the terminals back into the conector. The connector I'm talking about is the big connector - 6 wires I believe - between the stator and the cdi. Use the connector on the cdi side to tap in to.

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