Colorado Trail Question

Can anybody tell me if trail 717 is open yet? If not, I will probably check out Rampart.

Another question, is it okay to ride in there during elk hunting season?

Thanks in advance!

Last I heard, all trails in the burned area are closed. From what it looks like on the map, most of the Divide trail system is in the burned area. There might be a couple hundred yards of trails you could ride. I haven't wasted my time to go look in person. I hope they open it up next year, I miss those trails. :)

Thanks Wicked.... I was hoping for better news....

I have ridden motorcycles and mountain bikes during hunting season in Colorado for many years with no problems. I am definately more nervous on the mountain bike though.

It's probably best to wear bright colored cloths while riding. And un-cork your exhaust so you'll make LOTS of noise (I just had to go there).

As of last week, all the the Hayman fire burn area was still closed. I called the Forest service to confirm. They said it might open up again next year. For now, they are doing controlled burns and general clean up.

Bryan in Denver...

Most of the trails marked 717 are open. But the area north of Signal Butte is closed. That includes 360, 361, 366 and 367 and parts of 717. I hope it opens up next year cause there are a few places I did not go. You can still do about 3-4 hours of riding there.

Thanks everybody for your help. I think we are going to head out that way and check it all out. If nothing else, an excuse to hit Apex Sports!

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