radiator braces/guards???

Just get Unabiker (the ones that WC stole their design from) and put em on. No trimming, no draining, just bolt em up and go crash. :banghead:

How much material are you removing? was only a tiny little snip of plastic, sounds awfully extreme. :banghead:

Removing nearly all the inside rib from the shroud, and also a 1.5" V from the bottom edge of the shroud. I would've preferred not to have to do that, but it doesn't really bother me. If I could do it again, though, I'd get WC or Unabiker (apparently). The downfall is, if I ever change plastics, I've go to do the cutting again.

my left radiator's innermost core is squished...like the vertical cores are almost touching, is it too late to get the works connection cages? like will they still fit...even though they're a bit squished? I bent em back straight, so the alignment isn't off too much...

go unabiker, and have no more worries

it looks to me that there may be a problem with air flow through the radiators. alot of the surface area is covered. Have you had problems overheating?

Fitted Flatland Guards to my YZ400f, didn't need to trim any plastic. Lots of space in behind the guards which also act as a good brace as well.

+1 for Flatland :cool:

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