Throttle stop mod--Cut VS. remove

I want to make the throttle stop mod to my '99 WR400. The instructions from say shave 8cm off. Why can you not just remove the stop entirely? I have removed the stop and twisted the throttle to wide open repeatedly with it returning to fully closed every time. Is there a risk of the throttle sticking open?

I cut mine down to the threads and the bike would not take the last 1/4 turn of the throttle. After reading many posts I have ordered and just received a yz stop which has about 3/8 post after the threads. I will insall this weekend.

there have been issues w/ cracking slide valves. I (believe) the culprit was possibly removing the throttle stop. Wacking the throttle open causes the slide to take the impact, NOT the throttle linkage.

cut off 8 milimeters, not 8 centimeters.

When I was reviewing bikes prior to purchasing the WR, I remember reading that Yamaha Corp trimmed the stop 7mm (not 8) prior to supplying WR426's for test comparisons. Has anybody measured the length of both the WR and the YZF versions to see what the differencr actually is?

Kevin is right.

If you want some more info about it, I posted it on my website.

WR/YZ Tech Info

Hope it helps you.

hey Darin,

Just got done browsing your web page. Looks good. You got a lot of nice tips there, with detailed instructions.

Nice job!


Thanks Brandon. I was slow at work one week so I tried to put that week to good use! :)

Some of it came from the old TT Tech site from years ago. I still have a link to it but I wanted some of that info to still be avialable if they ever took it down.

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