2006 YZ450f backfires then dies.

A few weeks ago i went through some deep water with my friend. I thought that it was backfiring because i got something wet, so i let it dry out for a week and it was still backfiring and then it would bog out and die then it would be a pain to try to get started again. We got a new FMF Q2 pipe on there and rejeted it and it still did the same thing. If anyone knows whats wrong with it let me know.

Sounds like it may have water in the fuel. Try draining the tank & carb.

Check the spark plug wire and the plug it self. May have water in the cap. This has happened to me before.

When i took it in to another shop the found that the fuel line was kinked around the carb. We untangled it and it ran great. But thanks for the responses.

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