2002 426 clutch surprise!

Here is my situation, I hope the best forum on the web can help me out here.:banghead: I bought a used 02 426 and absolutely love it! The problem is the guy I bought it from didn't:foul:. Every time I work on it it I end up fixing a hack job. I have just broken down the clutch and found that it is a Frankenstein set up. I have searched here to find an answer but nothing fits my situation. Hinson basket, 9 identical friction plates, 8 inner plates, no ball bearing in between push rods, no clutch boss spring, no seat plate. (12,13,14, and 21 looking at 01 clutch). It has a stock clutch boss and pressure plate. The set up worked. I don't know if it was just luck or a mod that people are doing. It looks more like a 03 450 set up minus the ball bearing. Any suggestions? Should I just go with 03 parts and make it work? :excuseme:Money makes it impossible to go with a full hinson setup.


Is it working now? If so, why bother with it?

It has a serious hard pull. When I pulled the long push rod out, it had mushroomed at the end that rides on the lever. I filed and smoothed that down a bit and was getting ready to replace some other worn parts. I like knowing what I am working with. I have no doubt that I can get it working, I just want to do it right. If "make it work" is the answer, can I get lighter clutch springs to ease the pull? I put the clutch back together with three of the six springs in place just to test the pull and it was almost bearable. I did not run it like that of course. I guess I am one of the rare breeds that likes to work on these beasts as much as ride them. That is one of the reasons I bought a used bike. I am almost into this bike for what a 2006 would have cost me but I am still smiling, most of the time!

Try the OEM springs from an '05 or '06 YZ450. The clutch you have has been re-stacked like a 450 clutch (9 F plates rather than 8), and this may be part of the problem (preloading the springs excessively). You should check to see if the springs are coil binding by backing the bolts off about 4 turns and pulling the clutch. If it improves dramatically, that might be where the trouble is. The newer springs were lighter to take advantage of the extra plate, too.

Another trick that used to be common was to extend the release arm about 10 mm for more leverage. The lack of a ball between the long and short rods is no real big deal, but the mushrooming is obviously cause to replace the part. You might consider switching to the later style with the ball (you'd need both rods), but if you don't, be sure to check the bearing in the push rod 1 assembly.

Thanks so much for the response. I will be calling my local yam dealer today for the springs! As for the push rods, the long one is on backorder. Thanks again, I will post results once my parts come in!

On the back side of the basket is there backlash springs? The 426 have them and the 450 does not

Yes there are springs on the backside. I think I am homing in on a good fix. Just waiting for the parts now. How much and from what years are the clutch parts interchangeable? A cleaner, newer set up would be nice. I have a chance to pick up a GYTR inner hub and pressure plate that would work with an 05. Just not sure what crosses.

The basket/primary gear will not interchange, but the boss (hub) might. The pressure plate should be matched to the boss.

So keeping my hinson basket and going with GYTR hub and plate may work? That is good to know. I think I will try and pick those up. I am hoping to end up with the sweetest pulling 426 clutch out there. I will definitely post results once this is back together!

Something that just popped into my head is that as you add in these parts, check the clearance between the pressure plate and clutch cover at full lift.

Good to know! Thanks

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