2004 WR450 Grinding Off Starter Gear (when engine stops)

I have a 2004 WR450, when the engine is turned off or dies it turns the starter back wards (you can hear it). This is causing the gear on the starter shaft to be grounded off. I am on my second starter. It has had this problem since it was new. Has any one else had this problem? I double checked the title and it is a 2004 not a 2003. The starter gear seams to be the only thing that is being damaged. For now I have removed the DAMPER ASSY and just kick start it since the starter Gear will no longer turn the DAMPER ASSY gear. :banghead:

bump! I have a friend who has similar problem... anyone know what's going on with the 2004's?

i got a problem with my 03 wrf , just spins when ya hit the button , but only when its warm , when its cold nothing happens , starts on 2nd kick though ??

Martin450 - have you opened it up yet to see what was damaged?

Anybody know what might be the cause? 03 is likely the same starter issues as documented in previous years - should be replaced with an 04 system.

Anyone know about the 04? Same sympton as the 03 has happened twice already to my friend? Just spins but doesn't start the bike. Kicks okay.

thanks in advance for any ideas!

starter clutch needs to be replaced....

I blew 2 starters before I replaced the starter clutch.....now everything is good...


I've not had a look inside yet , will do in a couple weeks though,

Will be in touch ,

Thanks ddragic

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