Alberta, Canmore, Calgary Area

Just wanted to know if anyone from this area does any trail riding

yeah lots but not around here for at least another month or more. we usually head south this time of year to Koocanusa or the states

Some of the best trails in the world when the snow ****s off.

You bet. Just north of Canmore is an area called Wiaprous. It's mixed usage (bike, atv & 4 wheeler), it's very easy to not see anyone else if you keep it pointed away from the main service /trunk road. If you go east you'll hit the prairies if you go west you end up climbing the Rocky Mountain front ranges. The terrain is mostly loose shale. The trails are mostly mining and oil exploration roads and for may places if you leave the trail, the rescuers wouldn't find you for days. Except for long weekends (when the drunken off-roaders surface), the place is empty of cops and rangers.

Since it's in the foothills, the ambient temp is generally cooler rather than on the hot side. The downside is the the snow makes it accessible for only about 5 months of the year. It's only a hour from my garage. (yaaa) It sounds like a bit nirvana... and it is. :)

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