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KLX 650R

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Howdy all,

Just picked up a 96 KLX650R. Had a KLX250R but someone wanted it more than I did, STOLEN. :D However, this 650 ROCKS 🙂 I still have my 02 wr426, and will keep it, but for crazy speed and a softer seat, I'll ride the KLX. Did have a problem with it though, the cvk carb had a tear in the diaphram. No problem, I still had the cvk from the 250klx (after I put the Stroker pumper carb on it) cut a piece from that and used tire repair glue to affix it. Works like a charm. :D Wanted to get this bike for desert racing, but the way it's going I'll be riding the 650 for playing on the trails here in Colorado. The WR is great too, don't get me wrong, I now have two excellent bikes for play!!!

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