sub frame trade

I have a yz426 and I am going to install a wr radiator res. on my bike. I am posting this to see if anyone has removed their res. and wants to switch to a lighter aluminum sub-frame. I will trade you for your steel sub-frame. Let me know guys.

Sure, I'll trade you. I have a '00 WR400 and I'm 99% sure it will fit your bike. My subframe is in excellent shape, never bent. Some paint is wearing off of course, but it's sound.

Split the shipping to Ohio (or just pay for each others)? Let me know. I can ship mine out to you Monday if needed immediately.




I will talk to my shop today and make sure your sub-frame will fit on my bike. If it fits just send yours to me, and I will do likewise. Sound good? I'll post a reply later today and let you know if it will work.

They will fit. 98-01 are the same. In 02 is when they changed. I bought a 01 YZF sub-frame on e-bay thinking it would fit my 02 WR..Nope! Sold it to a guy in Florida for his 99 WR, Fit like a glove..


My local yamaha dealer said that it would not work. They said that they changed the subframes in 2001. socal- you said that you sold a 2001 frame to a guy with a 99 wr, and you said that it worked great for him. But will his subframe work on my bike?

Yes.. The only diffrence is no mounting tabs for coolant res on YZF


I have an '01 wr and will do the deed for a trade as well...

I will toss in a brand new resevoir as well with hoses and fasteners.

Let me know.

Email me at

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I'm positive my '00 WR subframe will fit your bike. The '02 subframe changed slightly as mentioned above. Once again the dealer is giving bad information.

Let me know if you want to trade. I'll even toss in the WR sidecovers which you may need the left for clearance anyway. If you want to the tank, I'll toss that in, too but I think you said you ordered one already.

Thanks, with your word I'll start making arrangements for removal/shipping.



Are you still interested? Haven't heard anything from you. I'm ready to ship the subframe when you give the word...

I will trade you I have a 02 wr 426 sub frame that has never been bent and I would trade. I live in corvallis so you would not even have to send it I could meet you some where I am on the coast often

thanks to everyone for their reply. I am not sure if my dealer was giving me bad info or what but I just wanted to be safe, so I made the trade with sfo. thanks again.

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