Best dual sport tire??

Anybody have any suggestions on a good tire for road and trails. I realize that the tire will not be great in both areas, but I'm looking for something that can handle some good road miles. Just dual sported my WR426 and looking forward to do some exploring.


Have a look at the Michelin X-11 trial tires featured on the opening page of TT. They seem really hard to beat.

Be safe

I would go with the Dunlop 606. Fairly priced as well as a capable dirt tire. Eric

I would suggest trying the Pirelli MT21 tires. I used them on a street legal XR600 I used to own. They worked great and lasted well. Traction on wet roads was a bit sketchy, but if you are careful they work good. Off road they are almost as good as a full knobby. Even on the big and heavy 600 they wore like iron.

Tristan :)


Take a look at the Tera-Flex Motosteel tires for the rear(DOT approved). These are supposed to be the toughest tire made. I intend to try one after my Michelin BAJA rear tire wears out. I like the Michelin BAJA tire, but want to see how the Tera-Flex handle and wear.

You have to call to order.

Another vote for the dunlop 606.

wears like iron and hooks ok in the dirt.

stiff sidewall is a bear to mount but hey, its dot.

I use the MT 21 tires they last a while, Decently smooth on the street and hook up well in North Jersey trails.

Hey Woodsrider, are you running the MT21's on the DR or the WR?

The Dunlop606 and Pirelli MT21s are the best according to most. I use the MT21s but I hear the 606s are even better. May want to try a dirt front most are DOT approved and will resist front end push off road.

I can't believe anyone didn't recomend the Kenda trackmaster for the rear. This is the most agressive dirt worthy street legal tire you can buy.It put the 606 I had befor it to shame. Just don't put one on the front.

I have tried both the Pirelli MT 21 and Dunlop D606 on my 98 WR 400.

The MT 21 does last about the same as the D606. The problem I had with the MT 21 is controlling a slide. When the turning the MT 21 will just cut loose allowing the rear to step out further than expected. It never dumped me on the ground but the seat cover had pucker marks. A friend with a Zuk RMX 250 has the same complaint about the MT 21.

I prefer the Dunlop over the Pirelli.

Whoa! Who went and checked "needsprayer" link to that Interco tire? That Terra-Flex, tread pattern #2 looks BAAAADDD!

Anybody ran that tire? I am very interested.

It lists that "Big Bores Only" need to be interested in the 140/80 - 18 size. Can we run that? I think I have heard people stuffing a tire that big on our bikes. Can we?





Another vote for the Kenda track master, 500 miles and it's still holding up well, way better than my old Dunlop 756, but not quite as good in the dirt. But it isn't purely dirt so it's ok. Bridgestone E661 is a good front hooks up well everywhere I have tried; I am really impressed for a duel sport tire. :):D

606 all the way!!! If you love to have your front end wash out on you all the time then you defiantly need the MT21 on the front cuz it'll do it. The MT21 on the rear is ok but not as aggressive as the 606. Just my opinion....


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