First Four Stroke And It Smoks. Help.

So Ive always been a 2 stroke person but i figured its time to make the change over. Well the other day i went and bought an 01 yz426 i figured that for the price it would be a good bike to lern the routine of taking care of a four stroke. When i went to pick the bike up it fired right up first kick and was very crisp, when i got home i washed it because the guy had just rode it the day before and didnt clean it,when i started it it was smoking and smelled like burnt oil untill it warmed up, i changed the oil and filter (oil was black and filter was covered in junk) when i started it again same thing, bike runs great exept for the smoke when cold. Looking at the motor i can tell somone has been into it before but i dont know what they did, When i bought the bike i asked the owner if he did any work to it he told me that for the past six months that he had it he only rode a few times and didnt do anything to it, but the owner before was a friend of his and took very good care of the bike.

Any help would be great

thanks alot

I had a XR that did the same thing, With that bike it was the valve guide seals. When I shut the motor off some oil from the top of the motor would leak past the seals, so when I first started it it would smoke until the oil burnt out of the cylinder. It wasn't a problem, but I sure felt like a jerk when first starting it in the loading area.

It probably wouldn't hurt to go in the top end and freshen things up a bit sometime soon. You could replace those valve stem seals while your at it.

Ya i was thinking i probly should just go through it so i know for myself how the motor is. thanks for the replys

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