05wr450 is blowing fuses im lost???

Hey guys,

first time to site still trying to figure it out thanks for the help.yesterday i was warming my 05wr450 up and after about 1min. it died and my ingnition light was out. i found the fuse and it was blown so i put another one in and it went bad before i could start the bike. ive looked at all the wires i could see and they look intact,it just kinda happened out of the blue. i would be thankful for any help its my first bike.

After looking at the wiring diagram ( which you can download free if you don't have one - WR performance stickies at the top of the forum ) I would look for a rubbed through wire that is grounding out somewhere. Check the wires to the start switch on the handlebar and the wires to the display if you have that. Looks like you will need to do a bit of teardown and investigating. Oh,and welcome to the site. WR Dave.

thanks dave i think i found the short in the brake light sensor

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