Land Use-Recreational Links

OK Gents,

Someone asked for links with resources where we can put up a fight instead of just sitting here and getting slaughtered by the ECO-NAZIS. Ask and you shall receive. No excuses, just do it or lose your rights.

Have at it, send letters to your elected officials and send these orgs your spare money. They are fighting for your right to ride.


EVERYONE reading this web site should join the AMA, Blue ribbon coalition and a local state (Corva) group. If we want to continue riding in our favorite areas, everyone needs to get involved. It's a pane in the ass I know, but think of the consiquences(sp?)....Poaching trails and running from the law, that sucks even worse....For every day you ride, spend some time e-mailing your congressman or making a phone call.... Do something or we're all screwed.... :)

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