Laurel Springs NJ - Anyone live there?

I want to find someone who lives in Laurel Springs or close by for an issue I am having to deal with. I bought a Snap-on Tool, from eBay, and it hasn't arrived yet - now, I am not sure if the guy had done a runner or not, or if he is just sick or something...

I am not looking for some muscle, maybe just some one who can drive by and see if the shop is shutup...

Anyone able to help...? You will get a 5 star rating from me and many thanks...


Give me the address, I'll break some fingers, aahh I mean legs.

I'm working up in New York city right now and I can swing down the New Jersey Turnpike sometime on Saturday or Sunday. Drop me the name and address.

I did a quick loop through the town on Sunday and didn't see any signs of that company name. I did a search on my street atlas software for all people in NJ with that last name and will Pm that to you.

The funny thing was I had six men working for me in the Big Apple that live in the same area in PA as I do and we always leave the job site and cruise back home together at the end of the week. They wanted to follow me through the town and help out. I passed on the offer, but can you imagine that, a TT welcoming party coming to your door soon. :):D :D


Thanks for at least trying... I will have to just pursue it through the credit card company... he ripped off $1,000's over the last few weeks, judging by his (now suspended) eBay account feedback...

Cheers, you're a 5 star dude! :)


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