Plastic radiator fins/guards - do they help cooling or not ?

Does anyone have information that shows the plastic radiator fins/guards assist with cooling ?

I ride in a hot desert environment so need all the cooling I can get. Seems the fins/guards may restrict airflow rather than assist.

Any comments or reference to previous threads most appreciated

The plastic fins that sit in front of the rads. is designed to draw air into the radiators. I dont know if you would see much of a difference without them. Before Id remove them Id try running engine ice coolant. I ride single track in 105 degree weather and still dont overheat. Plus by removing the plastic pieces, it will be easier for debris to puncture your rads. Hope this helps.

I thought they were to keep mud from caking the rad. No?

I thought they were to keep mud from caking the rad. No?
Yes. Their intended to protect the radiators from damage from stones and from mud clogging them, while allowing air to get through.

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