Need TTR-125 for wife. Anyone have one for sale.

If anyone is looking to sell there TTR-125 and is not to far. I'm interested.

Pete :)

dude, what makes you think anyone will trade you their ttr-125 for your wife?... i mean sure, she's probably nice and all, but the ttr is one great little bike!... :D:D




d@mn kids... (but somebody had to say it)


(if you don't get it, i relpied without reading your post, just the title)...

[ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: xrracer36 ]

I just traded my sons TTR125L this weekend. Great bike, but doesn't have the power or suspension for a 12 year trying to keep up with the big boys though. I did order an RK 428 116Link O-ring chain that will fit the TTR125 (Non L version). I would make a heck of a deal on for you or someone. The manual covers both bikes and I was in a hurry and ordered the wrong chain. It was a special order and couldn't send it back. The TTR125L has bigger wheels.

Johnson's Sales in Arlington WI., selling them for under $2200 brand new, they are a small new dealer just north of Madison. FYI mike


Thanks, I think new it is.... I may surprize Her this weekend. If she's good :) Thanks everyone


make sure you get the "L"

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