Handguards with mirrors??? for 07 WR

Ive been looking for handguards with built in mirrors...has anyone seen them????.......I have a 07 WR450F that Im dual sporting and I dont want to install "mickey mouse" on my handlebars:banghead:

these are junk:


here's a link to a better veiw of those powermad hand guard they look kind of cheap:


I'm liking the looks of that dual star setup . where did you get it ? what for mirror do you have on the left side?

I have Dual Stars on both sides, they look right under your arms and between both of them you a good view. They don't vibrate and are out of the way so they survive crashes. Dual Star makes all kind of interesting stuff, here's a link to their site. I think those Powermadd units wouldn't survice the first crash.


tweav - Could you post a close-up of the brackets you are using to mount your front indicators? Thanks.

The turn signal brackets are just a simple piece of flat stock. I'm posting pics of those and the mirror mounts .

upside down and backward hotstart



very simple turn signal mounts



MVC-008F.jpgThe hand guards are zeta's with built in directionals and the mirrors are MSR's mounted upside down and they fold right in when you hit the traili240.photobucket

Hey Bob, do you have any more pic's of the Zeta's with the Msr mirrors??? if :banghead: so could you please post them....thx

The problem with some of these is if/when you go down you run the risk of breaking the mirror off. They are not meant for impact. I have an 07 with Fastway FIT handlebar protectors...similar the Zeta or Cycras shown here (single aluminum bar with attached plastic shield). I installed common plastic MSR mirrors to the aluminum bar, behind the shield. When I'm trail riding they fold nicely to the inside and are out of the way.



Ty cam, hope these help,I haven"t broke one yet.If you leave them out when your off road your knees might hit them. They don't vibrate that bad on the street ether.<a  href=MVC-007F.jpg' alt='MVC-007F.jpg'>


that is a really clean set up!

nice job!

thx a bunch Bob, I like your set up!!:banghead:

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