Manufacture announcements

Does anyone know when the manufactures annouce the 03 line of bikes and or sneak peaks of the R&D machines? I might be in the market for a new bike but dont want to but now and then in 5-8 mnths a bad muther is reveiled! Please help!

Thought that I would chime in on this myself since I was able to answer my own question. New year models are offically annouced at the end of June at the New bike Expo, best rumours should start sprouting about the first of June. Usually see most bikes in stores as early as mid to late August and new and re-designed bikes (usually dirt)might not be out until November. My big excitment is to see what Yamaha's answer is to the CRF450! I have heard and read rumours of the YZ 450 but have also heard from a few others that the 426 will still be the power plant but to expect ligther bikes. Some one even said that they have seen a pix of the rumoured YZ450 but of course were unable to remember where thay had seen it... So if anyone else can bring to the table please do! I would love to hear what you got!


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