heat tape

where do you get the tape that you put under the gas tank iv seen it in colours such as gold,silver,blue, its to keep the gas from becoming hot from the motor temps any help would be great . ps not looking for header wrap

thanks swatdoc,have you ever used this item if so how did it hold up?

I have some that I bought from Napa. Forgot what it is called but it was like $25 for a 5 foot roll? I have it under my IMS tank with about 10 hours on it and it's doing good.

I use a foil exhaust duct repair/splicing tape that has a peel-off backing on the adhesive. I found it at Home Depot. Very cheap, very effective.

I bought it, just haven't gotten around to putting it on the Lightspeed carbon fiber tank and carb heat shields I bought

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