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Suspension setup on a YZ250F

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What springs(front and back) do i need, the stock springs are in it at the moment, and the fork oil level is at the max. The problem i am having is that when i land a (soft)jump it is nearly bottoming, and has bottomed a good few times, the i bought it off said he had it set up for a 10 stone rider.

I am 80kg / 176lb / 12.5 stone, the measurements i got off the bike were...

Shock static sag = 15mm

Shock race sag = 85mm

Fork static sag = 35mm

Fork race sag = 65mm

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Std springs are 0.44 kg/mm and 4.8 kg/mm (or 5.0 progressive on a Euro spec). I weigh 90kg. I installed 0.46 kg/mm front springs and 5.2 kg/mm rear spring. Oil level is at 100mm. After changing, I don't bottom out any more, but I found the forks a bit harsh on landing. I reduced the harshness a bit by winding the fork compression damping adjusters out completely.

See http://valving.racetech.com:81/cgi-win/racetechv2.exe for some more info. In particular, they say that a 250F is set up for a 74 kg rider as standard.

Hope this helps.

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