It's cold,don't forget to change summer oil.

no i doubt it would starve it, but what if its just enough to create a new issue? then again im prob. overthinking again!LOL...

gotta think of everything for sure, i doubt it would either but its not tested and some proven mod so never hurts to think it out loud.

I think the bottom line is this issue was a big deal for this head once you changed to a race cam or raced the bike. It was fixed for years with making the total oil path to the head bigger, adding more volume and pressure from the pump to the whole engine. My 628cc bike was the one of the two bikes that this was done to and the tube was bigger with little round fins on it. It was much larger then stock and was a bolt on item. You still had to drill the holes larger if you wanted the full benifit. There is a lot of oil and I am one to think you will not lose any oil flow to any other part even going extreme. The head is the hardest place to get oil too. More pressure is just to make sure you are getting the oil up to the head and more volume is to make sure there is plenty moving. If I was still air cooled this would be my first thought with a bigger oil cooler. Oil is the life of this engine.

No one gets all in a huff when they are talking adding the xr400 oil cooler to the xr600/650. No one doubts the benifit and questions that there are drawbacks. No one has asked for specific data, but I think we can agree that it does work. How long has that idea been around? Long time! Honda still never added the cooler to either bike.

Extra cost to Honda??, that would not make any more sales?

How bout some usd forks on my 650, eh? HONDA are you out there?? hello..

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