Photoshop + Winter Boredom

Everone has there own idea of what a new Honda 650 dualsport should be like and there have been numerous debates about it.. So I just thought I'd throw this out and see if anyone else would like contribute with a little "visual" speculation/imagination..:banghead::busted:2001-Honda-XR650L.jpg I based this one on the "L" because of its Legendary Legacy..:D

Man, I can't believe you went with an Air cooled engine! Were not suppose to be going backwards here :banghead: I like the 450X front end though!

that is bad ass! very creative.:banghead:

Air cooled engine AND steel frame! Talk about a retrogression... haha...

Cool design though!

Back to the drawing board...:D:busted::banghead: nice work though in PS...

ARGH can see crap for the pic

Cromoly steel frames are lighter then the XR650R's aluminum frame by as much as 15 pounds!! The flex of those steel frames and the lack of flex of the aluminum frame is why the aluminum frame on the XR650R is better but, the newer generation IV twin spar frames are way lighter then both and do not flex.


I think I just threw up a little :banghead:


Now that would tear up some rear tires..:banghead:

ok heres my version of what its going to be and someone write this down...

The new TRX700 engine which is the 650R engine punched to a 683cc fuel injected electric start, stuffed into the as you know 650R, add some lights and boom! There you have it! good theory huh? I really do think they'll use that motor for the new CRF700L

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